When you want children to grow into earth-friendly adults, buy them earth-friendly books. Energy Healer Ellen Lewinberg has written an easy to understand story on why and how to care about nature and our environment.

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  • Book Signing Events

    Visit with me at any of our Author Events. When you buy Joey and His Friend Water, bring the book over to my table so I can sign it for you. Plus, it would be fun to meet you in person. Bring your children, this book is for them! Everyone is Welcome. Check out the…

  • Chapter 8: The Role of Trees

    Excerpt from Joey and His Friend Water about Trees “Mycelium?” Joey asked. What is that?” Water explained, “It is a huge organism made up of very, very small fibers or filaments of fungus. The fungus grows underground, and it connects all the roots of the trees together. Its flower is a mushroom…” Water continued to…

  • Art Joey and His Friend Water graphic of talking water

    The Voice of Reason

    Joey and His Friend Water Imagine lazily daydreaming by a stream in your back yard when you hear an unfamiliar, yet friendly, voice. What would you do? Run away? Or would you answer back to find who is talking to you? For Joey, his curiosity had him talking to the voice. Imagine again his surprise…