About the Book

Joey and His Friend Water is a playful book that introduces children and their parents to the idea that everything around us is energy vibrating at different speeds. In the book, the main character, Joey, finds that he is able to talk to the water in a stream behind his house. Joey finds it hard to believe that he is talking to and learning from Water and keeps checking the ideas that Water is presenting to him.

Water introduces children and their parents to the idea that everything around us, from people, to plants, to trees, to rocks, is energy vibrating at different speeds. And, in this way, everything in the universe is connected. The importance of the water cycle, mycelium, and trees in healing the earth is talked about alongside Masaru Emoto’s work on water and the idea that the way in which water reacts to words and emotions has implications for our bodies and our environment. The importance of trees in our environment is stressed and also provides hope for Joey and his friends to do something to help the earth.

My hope with this book is to rekindle children’s imaginations and to have them understand that everything is connected. One’s actions in one area have an effect on every other area. And our imaginations play a vital role in coming up with new solutions to solve our problems here on earth. Trees are crucial in our lives and play an important part in our world. They not only capture carbon, but also provide healing. The Forest Bathing movement from Japan has provided enormous amounts of evidence for this. I wanted children to understand this. They are the adults of tomorrow and will be the ones left with the mess we have made. Some of the solutions are easy if one can only implement them.

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