Chapter 8: The Role of Trees

“Mycelium?” Joey asked. What is that?”

Water explained, “It is a huge organism made up of very, very small fibers or filaments of fungus. The fungus grows underground, and it connects all the roots of the trees together. Its flower is a mushroom…”

Graphic: Forest, Trees, Roots, and Mycelium connected

Water continued to talk…

“The trees provide sugar to the mycelium and the mycelium provides nutrients and carries their messages. It is a good arrangement.”

Joey thought so too. “Wow! Trees clean the air for us, create oxygen, store carbon dioxide, provide fruit and nuts for people, look after each other, and create places for animals, birds, and bugs to live. They are very busy!”

“They are,” agreed Water. “They even warn other trees if a bug or an animal like a giraffe starts to eat them. The other trees will start to produce a substance that the giraffes or bugs don’t like, and that will make them stop eating those trees. Trees are a model of cooperation, generosity, and altruism. That means they think about others before themselves.”

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