The Voice of Reason

Imagine lazily daydreaming by a stream in your back yard when you hear an unfamiliar, yet friendly, voice. What would you do? Run away? Or would you answer back to find who is talking to you? For Joey, his curiosity had him talking to the voice. Imagine again his surprise when he discovers who this voice truly is.

Can it be possible?

Joey listening to the stream talking to him

Joey listens to the friendly voice that seems to be bubbling up from the stream.

Joey and His Friend Water is a playful book that introduces children and adults to the idea that everything around us — from people, to plants, to trees, to rocks — is energy vibrating at different speeds. And in this way, everything in the universe is connected.

The importance of the water cycle, mycelium, and trees in healing the earth is talked about through water as teacher with Joey and the readers as students. This story emphasizes the importance of everyone being earth-friendly since we’re all connected together.

In addition, the author introduces Masaru Emoto’s work on water to many young readers. Emoto’s idea that the way in which water reacts to our words and emotions also affects our bodies and our environment. Over half of our body, including our organs, consists of water! This discussion has us all appreciating the life force of water inside our very own bodies.

Joey at the kitchen table reflecting on what he has learned about being earth-friendly

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